Update from Xotika HQ

Hello from Ro!

What’s up, party people?! This is John, reporting from XO Media headquarters. I recently moved out here to Romania to begin working directly with the team as we start implementing our plans for 2017. The food here is great, and meeting everyone has been awesome. The weather is cold, but not unbearable.

We started the month with several days of meetings to discuss and prioritize our plans and projects. We proceeded with the hiring process for a new front-end developer, who begins work later this week. He’ll be starting with some small bug fixes and optimizations.

Last weekend, we took a few days to relax in the mountains.

Private Shows, Coming Soon

One of the most frequently requested features we get from models & studios is for Private Show support. We’ve decided to add Private Show features into the current live version of the platform, hopefully within the next six weeks or so.

Private Shows will be a great new tool for models to utilize and a new way for our members to enjoy the site. The feature can be optionally enabled by any broadcaster, allowing users to request a Private Show. We’ll provide full details when it’s ready for release!

Static Website & User Profiles

After Private Shows are implemented, we intend to add a new static website area, which will include this blog, a new FAQ section, and a few other pages of content and resources. We’ll also work to include linkable profile pages for each user, which will display new statistics & achievements related to your activity at Xotika.tv. More to come…

Xotika.tv 2.0

A big part of our plan is to release a new version of our software platform, which will include new features, updates, optimizations, bug fixes, a new interface design, and a new brand for Xotika as a whole. We’re focusing on aspects that will give our broadcasters the most ability to monetize their content, as well as features that have been frequently requested.

Work is already progressing well on the new brand, and the design process for mocking up the new platform has also begun.

What About Content?

So far, I’ve mostly covered updates related to the software platform, but content is truly our lifeblood and we recognize that. We intend to synchronize our platform development work with parallel efforts to bring more content to Xotika.

We’ve identified that some of the types of broadcasters we’d like to have stream with us have a minimum expectation of features they still need us to provide to feel at home with us. This includes features like Private Shows, Channel Subscriptions, PPV Events, Video On Demand, and more. As we implement each new capability in the software, we will also make efforts to bring in new content makers that can make the most use of them.

That’s all for now! Look for more updates soon…


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