Patch Notes: Xotika Update 0.9.9-r2

A new update to the website has been deployed. Please visit and perform a hard-refresh to be sure you’ve got the latest version loaded. (CTRL-F5, or CTRL-click the refresh button)

This update includes some bug fixes & performance improvements. Next week we’ll deploy another update with a brand new tip button design, and some other cool stuff. Patch notes below…

Bug #1 – When registering an account, four words are disallowed in usernames: server, xotika, otika & guest

However, the user wasn’t given any error message when they attempted to use those words, leaving it unclear why their registration failed.

Solution: Added error messages to notify user when they are trying to register usernames with forbidden words.

Bug #2 – When switching between the Flash and HTML5 viewing modes, the video player lost some functions, displayed bugs, or disappeared entirely.

Solution: Cleaned up transition of video modes to close and open properly, removing some of the undesired behaviors.

Bug #3 – When registering an account, the form did not properly accept some special characters for common email addresses, like hyphens in domain names, “-“

Solution: Expanded the acceptable character set for email dresses to allow common special characters.

Bug #4 – Some users have issues with our website using an undesirable amount of resources from their computers. This is mainly due to some limitations we have in throttling repeating animations in our user interface.

Solution: We pinpointed and removed or optimized all animations to be static, instance-only, or limited to a few seconds. This should provide a noticeable reduction in system resources utilized when viewing our site.

Bug #5 – An error message displays repeatedly when typing disallowed characters into the Channel naming field.

Solution: Corrected error message to display once.

Bug #6 – Not a bug, but we added a link to our Telegram channel near the Community and FAQ buttons. Come say hello!




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