Using & As Platforms for Debate & Interaction in Bitcoin

Recently, Tone Vays helped provide a live stream of a “debate” between Roger Ver, of, and Johnny Dilley, Blockstream. Streaming it live, on, allowed people to join together in our chatbox and comment to each other as things unfolded.

Watching an event live is a much different experience, and watching it with your fellow Bitcoiners while being able to interact with the broadcasters really ties it all together.

Some broadcasters use our platform to interact with viewers by having ask-me-anything segments in their shows, like Jason Seibert, on his legal show, I’m Not Your Lawyer. Some, like Bitcoin Uncensored, task the viewers in their chat room to fact-check for them while they broadcast from the field.

There is a lot of untapped potential for Bitcoin and the broader “blockchain” communities to use or in these ways, and more.

On the recent episode of Bitcoin Uncensored, we included the chatbox into the video feed using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). This will allow viewers to see the chat interactions with the hosts when they watch on YouTube or other platforms.

The audience chat log enables a streamer to receive real-time feedback on what the audience wants, and utilize to make more compelling dialogue.

This is our new tip button tool, coming very soon!

Our interface adds the ability to weight listener input in monetary terms, with Goals and Tipping features. This is a compelling use case for a streamer, as other streaming websites don’t have a frictionless way to do this. Viewers use tipping as a way to give feedback for content they like and appreciation for your efforts. We don’t force ads into the site, and we don’t even require registration to deposit and start tipping.

While we do provide both an “adult” platform at, and a “SFW” alternative at, broadcasters should not be quick to dismiss as an option. We have a lot more people making a home at Xotika because of its adult nature, and we welcome them with open arms.

“Because it’s an adult network, the audience can watch you, or go fuck themselves. Literally. There’s no rules.”
~Chris DeRose, Bitcoin Uncensored

Being a live platform, it transcends many of the spam problems with communicating on social platforms like Reddit or Twitter. You can’t buy downvotes on Xotika. You can’t buy followers and frustrate the community by drowning their content with noise and trolling. For people like Bitcoin Core and their supporters, an interactive livestream could really make it easy to educate the community, field their concerns, and debate alternative representatives.

Another great example would be the Bitcoin trading community. There are some great content makers and technical analysts that can monetize their time in new ways at by fielding questions from their audience about indicators and trading methods. Or, communities like Whalepool could simply stream their live feeds at Otika and utilize it as their own trollbox 🙂

Bitcoin, as a community, is still pretty small, but this community matters to us and we’d love to extend our family to include more of you. We’ve got people ready to help you set up, and a growing community of content makers working together to make great content.




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