Patch Notes: Xotika Update 1.00

Today, we have deployed a new build of the software platform at, as well as some other updates. This finally brings us to the official 1.00 version of the software!

Bitcoin Core 0.14

All Bitcoin nodes utilized in our system have been upgraded to Bitcoin Core 0.14, providing some performance improvements. We continue to support Core software and SegWit as a scaling option. As a small business, it is more practical for us to support keeping node operations as inexpensive as possible, and thus we cannot consider alternatives like Bitcoin Unlimited, as it would bring the cost of operation notably higher, and increase the centralization of Bitcoin.

We also recently increased the required confirmations for customer deposits from one confirmation to six. We know this is an inconvenience to customers, but we urge you to deposit early in preparation for watching and tipping your favorite entertainers. This change was made as a precaution to avoid doublespending risks in the current untrustworthy mining environment. Hopefully things clear up soon and we can reduce the confirmations required again.

As part of these Bitcoin upgrades, we have also started a fresh hot wallet, which means you should avoid depositing to any old addresses you may have used with us in the past.

New Tip Button

After the last update, where we removed some animations that were hogging browser resources, the Tip Button was left looking a bit indiscrete. So, we took the opportunity to polish it up and add a few extra features.

The new Tip Button has a popover feature with some preset tip amounts as buttons, as well as a new slider that allows you to set the tip amount without using a keyboard.

We’ll be monitoring use of the new button features and tweaking some aspects over the next updates.

New Emoji Menu

The chat box has been updated with a new emoji popover menu, allowing users to conveniently find and use a broad set of emoji while chatting. These emoji are separate from the reaction emoji you see, which remain in place.

This feature may show bugs with some characters & emoji, which we’ll fix in future updates where we add some other planned features to the chat box.

Video Overlay Bug Fix

This update also fixes a small bug that would occur when switching to the HTML5 player. Previously, a translucent overlay would bug over the video when switching. Now, it loads properly.

Please let us know if you find any bugs or have any feedback about these new updates!

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