Patch Notes: Xotika Update 1.02

Xotika Update 1.02 Patch Notes - Private Shows, Message Stacking, Tip Stacking, New Brand, UIX Cleanup, etc

Today’s update deploys the long-awaited Private Shows feature as well as many other updates to the platform. Please visit and perform a hard-refresh to be sure you’ve got the latest version loaded (CTRL-F5, or CTRL-click the refresh button).

It’s inevitable that with this much change, users will find some bugs or unexpected behavior in the platform. We appreciate that and encourage you to report any bugs or feedback! Please reach out to us by emailing, or by joining our Telegram chat group at

Private Shows

Private Show Toggle, in My Channel area

When a Channel has the Private Shows feature enabled, a member or guest account can request a private session with the host that only he/she can view and chat within. The session will continue tracking cost, by the second, until the host or viewer ends the session. The final fee will be rounded to the nearest mBTC, based on the current rate. If the viewer times out, the session will end automatically after 30 seconds.

We are launching Private Shows initially with a fixed rate of 0.87 mBTC per minute. We will monitor the rate and gather data for a while and we may adjust the rate periodically. We intend to implement additional tools in the future that will allow hosts & viewers to customize or increase the rate, allowing the market to properly price demand. For now, the rate will remain fixed and universal across the site.

Private Show Request Button & Tip Button

Any channel that has Private Shows enabled will display a new button beside the Tip Button that will allow users to request a Private Show. When requesting a Private Show, the system will reserve 1 mBTC from the viewer’s account until the request is accepted by the host, and the show begins. The host or viewer may then end the show at any time by clicking the End Show button, which appears in the new Private Show status bar above the chat box.

We expect our models to be as responsible and entertaining in private as they are in public, and for our viewers to be respectful and reasonable with their expectations. If either party has problems with expectations being met while in a Private Show, simply end the show and move on, or report any serious issues to our team.

Message & Tip Stacking, Chat History

This update includes an improvement to the chatbox that will vastly reduce the amount of vertical space used up by chat messages and tips. All consecutive messages or tips made by the same user will now be stacked into one chat bubble, saving TONS of headroom.
Message Stacking, before & afterThis update also adds a feature that will allow you to recall previously typed messages from your recent Chat History by pressing the up or down arrows from within the input box. This helps reduce time needed to resend previous messages and commands.

Notification Inbox

You’ll notice a new “bell” icon at top right now. While this is mainly used for hosts to receive Private Show requests for now, we will also use this for other updates and notifications in the future.

Updated Chatterbox & Tip Button

The pop-out chat box has been streamlined to open and close without refreshing, and now includes all buttons, including a Tip Button. The Tip Button has been moved in all views, to the chatbox area.

We decided to remove the recently added popover features for the Tip Button. The popover was intended to give users an easy way to tip larger, pre-set, amounts, but shortly after we implemented it, the Bitcoin price skyrocketed in fiat terms, and the added feature was almost never used. In the future, we will probably try different types pre-set button tools for hosts to use, and within other areas of the site.

SegWit-Powered Bitcoin

All deposits & withdrawals are set to use SegWit-enabled addresses by default. This should allow you save on transaction fees, but many wallets are not automatically estimating properly yet, so you may need to manually specify lower fee rates when depositing. (You may want to try the wallet or app from GreenAddress, they have the first light wallet supporting SegWit.)

This update also allows us to reduce the number of confirmations required to clear a deposit with, only 1 confirmation is currently required. The new minimum withdrawal has been set to 5 mBTC.

Updated Documentation

The FAQs page has been updated and we’ve added a new Model FAQ page with a lot more information. We’ve added a new Terms & Conditions page and a Privacy Policy as well.

Interface Updates

The video feed now appears at the top of the page, prioritizing vertical space for the video and moving the Topic Box down below. We’ve also cleaned up some wasted space and redundant info by moving stats within the Topic Box and cleaning up the Bio padding a bit.

Similar layout edits have been made to the My Channels channel console area, as well as other areas of the platform.

The left expanding Browse bar has been removed and replaced with a Channels link.

New Logo

The new Xotika logoSample new ad for affiliate usageYou may have noticed that we have been updating our social media and various accounts to display our new brand logo. This logo was designed to modernize Xotika’s brand and make sure that Xotika stands out from the crowd of typical brands found within the streaming industry.

We find that the logo works great as a logo “bug” overlaid on video streams. We will be providing a full logo kit of digital files to broadcasters for usage in their streams, videos, and promotional graphics. The kit will include various versions, with transparencies and various strokes and icons.

New Default Channel Avatar

The default channel avatar has been updated, and we’ve uploaded a new ad kit for affiliates to use when generating referrals. Meanwhile, we are working on an overhaul of the entire website interface for a future update.

Odds & Ends

We’ve increased the number of channels each user can have from 3 to 5.

On the technical side, we have converted our back end to deal with Bitcoin in terms of “satoshis”, or, 0.00000001 BTC as a base unit. This will allow us to reduce the minimum tip amount to be lower than 1 mBTC (0.001 BTC) in an impending future update, when we will likely convert the platform to microbits, or  µBTC, or 0.000001 BTC. This change may also include a new minimum tip amount appropriate to the Bitcoin value.

We fixed a number of miscellaneous bugs, but please report new ones to us at!





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