Bug Fixes, New CEO, New Support Help

Bugs Fixed, Private Shows Improved!

We recently deployed an update to the site fixing various bugs and improving aspects of the recently released Private Shows feature. Please continue to report any bugs you may find, or any feedback about the platform by emailing support@xotika.tv or joining our Telegram chat group.

Welcome our CEO!

John Carvalho, formerly the CCO, joined Xotika almost one year ago. Since then we have established a growth plan and strategy and he will be filling the CEO role at Xotika.TV to make it happen. In the short term, we will be working hard to get the most out of the new Private Shows feature by getting more models online, and in turn, more viewers as well.

Model Support Representative

In the coming days, we will be adding some manpower to the support side of things with a new Model Support Representative. They will help acclimate models to the website, training how to use the features, familiarizing them with Bitcoin nuances, and taking any questions or feedback models may have.

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