Patch Notes: Xotika Update 1.1.0

Please visit and perform a hard-refresh to be sure you’ve got the latest version loaded (CTRL-F5, or CTRL-click the refresh button).

It’s inevitable that with this much change, users will find some bugs or unexpected behavior in the platform. We appreciate that and encourage you to report any bugs or feedback! Please reach out to us by emailing, or by joining our Telegram chat group at

Smaller Tip Units (μBTC)

Bitcoin had an amazing year, with it’s value rising to new heights every month. Previously, the minimum tip unit at was 1 mBTC, currently worth more than $8. In this update, we have change the unit to be 1000x smaller, or 1μBTC, with a new minimum tip amount of 25μBTC, which is currently worth about $0.20.

We hope this will spur more activity overall and make it easier for models to make use of various remote vibe toys 😉

New Rates and Limits

With the new smaller tips sizes, we decided to update all other fixed rates and limits. The details are as follows:

Minimum Deposit: 50 μBTC  ($0.40)
Minimum Withdrawal:  5000 μBTC ($40.00)
Private Shows:  600 μBTC per minute ($5.00)
Minimum Goal: 1000 μBTC ($8.00)
Minimum Tip: 25 μBTC ($0.20)
(All USD values are estimated at current Bitcoin prices, $8000/BTC, but all amounts are fixed in Bitcoin value.)

BRB Mode

Some models needed a way to shut off their camera when needing some personal time but without going offline entirely.

Now each channel has a BRB button which a model can activate to close the video feed to the public until the she is ready to come back. This lets viewers know the model is still online and will be back soon!

UIX Updates & More

You will see a number of design improvements, including new fonts, a new Bitcoin icon, and improved layout. We have cleaned up aspects of message & tip stacking, some moderation bug fixes, and cleared up many other minor annoyances.

We have removed the Shapeshift altcoin conversion feature due to low activity and to focus on Bitcoin while we wait for better 3rd party options.

Channels that use an underscore, “_” in the name will now display as a normal space in the listings.

We lowered the volume on all interface sounds a bit, since some users found them to be startling.

Coming Soon: Xotika Stars, Studio Accounts, Notifications

We are already hard at work on the next update, which will include our new Xotika Stars model bonus program, improved account features for model studios managing multiple accounts, and additional ways to be notified when your favorite channels go live.



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